Three bits of sunshine

Class starts!

For most of last year, I was part of a writing group that met at our local senior center. I love being in a school/classroom setting and my fellow writers were so encouraging and talented, so it really filled my cup. But last fall, I decided to take a break and what a mistake that was! My class starts again today and I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to and read their incredible short stories and prompts.


While the internet can sometimes be the worst (hello, trolls), it can also allow us to connect with loved ones far away in ways we couldn’t otherwise. This week a good friend received some really bad news and I felt so powerless and wanted to do something nice. If the physical distance wasn’t so great, I would have whipped up a good old fashioned Midwestern casserole to drop off. That wasn’t an option, so instead I was able to have some food and other items delivered to their door. I used Prime Now, but Like Neighbors or a similar service are all great ways to help out if you find yourself in the same situation.

New vacuum!

After debating whether to get a new vacuum for way too long and then which one, I finally bought one! I chose to go with a Dyson that was on sale, and I’m glad that I did. It does a very good cleaning the floors and the couch. It was horrifying and fascinating to vacuum a few rugs that were recently cleaned with our old model and see how much yucky stuff came up! Ew. I think this will work wonderfully for every day cleaning jobs (I tend to vacuum about every other day because I have long hair plus two very furry puppies), but we’ll still keep our ‘ol reliable plug in vacuum for big jobs, like when we baking soda the couch and rugs every once in a while.