That one time I almost died in paradise

Surprise! We went to Hawaii. I'll post later about what we did and some tips on how to save money, but first I wanted to write about likely the most memorable aspect of the trip: we thought we were going to die.

My husband and I were enjoying our morning coffee in our hotel room when all of a sudden our phones started freaking out. Now, usually this racket indicates that your area is going to flood or, god forbid, an Amber Alert was issued in your area. Not this time. 


This is about the time I completely panicked. My husband kicked into beast mode and had us get dressed, gather food, water, and other necessities, turned off the air, and tried to prepare me for what might happen. Do NOT look at the fireball.

It was chaos. Tourists were running down the street and panicked locals were frantically trying to figure out how to get to their kids to say goodbye. Well, as you well know, luckily, this turned out to be a false alarm, but we didn't know this for quite a while/forever. I (wrongly) thought that we might have a few hours before the missile would hit us, and wondered how to say goodbye to my family who were thankfully thousands of miles away. I would never see my dogs again. While I took comfort that I was with my husband, he would also die so that was obviously not ideal. Finally, after what felt like a lifetime, I found out through the magic of the internet that we were not going to die. At least not immediately from a ballistic missile.

I don't know how you can experience something like this without it affecting you in some way. On one of our last days of vacation I sat down (by the pool, who are we kidding?!) and wrote out a few things I'd like to remember from the ballistic missile experience and vacation overall. 

Things to take home with me from Hawaii:
- walk more
- welcome new experiences
- take the time to read and relax more
- life can change very quickly
- travel more
- be grateful for my marriage
- eat fresh and local food
- smile more
- only negative experiences are deserved. everything positive in life is earned
- put down my cell phone and pay attention to the life happening around me
- be grateful for friends and family
- take care of my body and mind so I can enjoy more adventures and stay young
- wear shorts or a bathing suit. no one else cares.