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The boys behind the barks

Let’s face it: you might think I’m ok, but you’re really here for pictures of my pups. It’s ok. I get it. They’re precious!

Thor and Barkley are full of fun and personality

Here's Thor

I didn’t realize how lucky I was when I met my now husband. I was getting a twofer — a sweet, but naughty dog and, of course, Thor — for the price of one. Thor is a furry bundle of personality in a small package. He is the perfect mix of silly and sweet.

Thor in swim goggles

Our first apartment together was in the suburbs of DC. What it lacked in downtown feel, it made up for in a huge L-shaped balcony and much cheaper rent!. We built Thor a swimming pool to enjoy during that hot and steamy East Coast summer.

Thor taking a dip

That fall we moved to Oregon and bought this sweetie a house with a backyard to play in. A lot of my husband’s blood, sweat, and my tears over dirty floors later, we’ve mostly managed to removed the sources of mud that made this guy a very dirty puppy.

Thor muddy in our backyard

We finally had a backyard reception a year after we got married at the courthouse and this pup was our ring bearer.

Thor dressed up for a wedding
Handsome Thor dressed up

Soon after that, we bought our first teeny tiny camper. We wanted to be able to travel around Oregon to explore the beautiful state where we live. We didn't have a lot of extra money and finding dog friendly hotels was an expensive and frustrating endeavor, so this vacation home on wheels was our solution. Luckily, this pup loves to travel!

Thor climbing at tree near Champoeg

📍Champoeg State Heritage Area

Thor eating lunch on Highway 26 from Bend

Stopping for lunch on the side of 📍Hwy 26 on our way home from Bend. Look at all of that hair!

Thor picnicking in Eureka, California

📍Near Eureka, California

Thor dog taking a bath in Brookings, Oregon

Bath time in 📍Brookings, Oregon

Thor dog at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

One of my favorite photos of Thor ever! Taken at 📍Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Life was really great for Thor until we decided to get a puppy…

Baby Barkley

Life AB

Drooly baby Barkley the cavalier

We picked up Barkley on a drizzly Saturday in December, and were a little nervous about how this little bundle of fur would affect our household. We were instant buds and he drooled on my arm all the way home.

Baby Barkley the Cavalier

Bringing Barkley home immediately ushered in six months of angry Thor.

Thor above a snoozing Barkley

Not happy.

Thor hiding from a snoozing Barkley

Eye spy: Thor hiding between pillows.

Barkley the cavalier with snow on his nose

Up to snow good.

Barkley the Cavalier running in the ssnow

Slowly, but surely, Thor began warming up

Barkley and Thor separated by a fence

One day I put up a fence to give Thor some space from Barkley and quickly discovered that the only thing he hated more than having a puppy chasing him was not having a puppy chasing him!

Slowly becoming buddies

Did we just become best friends?

How can you resist this face?

It’s impossible to resist this face.

Barkley's doggie t-shirt

I bought a few doggie t-shirts to try to cut down on Bark’s shedding… they did not last long

Slooowly they became besties!

Barkley the book lover

My little shadow is always near

Thor the pomapoo where a raincoat

The dogs voted to revoke my Amazon privileges after I purchased these raincoats

Thor babysitting

Puppers babysitting

Doggies supervising quiet time reading

Supervising “quiet time” reading with our niece

My little gardening helpers! Thor looks cute even with the cone of shame on and I love how Barkley lips look like he’s been sneaking from the strawberry patch!

All of my guys

Here are all of my guys! ❤️

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Love, Rebeccah

A few beautiful days in Bend

Ahh, Bend. If you’ve ever visited this lovely high desert paradise and not thought to yourself that you could live there, I’m not sure if we can be friends anymore.

We loaded up the dogs and Fleetwood Mac and made the beautiful three and a half hour drive through the woods and the Santiam Pass.

During a quick stop to fill up our tank, this handsome guy washed our windshield.

During a quick stop to fill up our tank, this handsome guy washed our windshield.

The weather was going to be a wee bit chilly in Bend, with night time temps creeping into the upper 20s and daytime highs in the low 50s. But the sunshine there makes it nice and comfortable as long as it’s not too windy.

A few beautiful days in Bend! Our motorhome camping trip to Bend, Oregon

We stayed at Tumalo State Park. Like most of the Oregon Parks that we’ve stayed at, it’s incredibly clean and well maintained. There are several beautiful trails along the water, and during peak season there is an amazing playground.

Best of all, the park is just a short drive from downtown Bend. With tons of cute shopping and dining options, it’s an amazing way to spend a few hours. We stopped in at Silver Moon Brewing, which is my new favorite spot. The pub food was good and the beer was delicious. If you happen to be in soon, try the Contrarium. I promise you won’t regret it.

Bend is beautiful


My happy place

Do you have a place where you can go that no matter what’s happening in your life everything feels ok? For me, it’s the public library.

[Also: Target. But our bank account doesn’t feel so good after that.]

When I was a little girl, I was a voracious reader. And overdue books fine accumulator. So much so that one librarian at my small hometown library had my card number memorized. As an adult, I’m a weekly visitor to my local public library. I love the smells. I love picking up a book off the shelf and scanning the description to see if it’s something that might be interesting to me. Most of all, I love the atmosphere. We’re all equals here.

My beloved local library is being torn down to make way for a new, more modern library. It’s closed for a few weeks while they move all of the books to a temporary space. So in the meantime, I’m going to explore some of the other libraries in my county.

This is the Happy Valley Public Library. Isn’t it so pretty?

That’s my friend R. there, just casually modeling/studying.

That’s my friend R. there, just casually modeling/studying.

Slumber party

Ain’t no party like a slumber party. We had a blast during our sleepover with our niece and nephew last week. We played hard. We sang songs. We read books.

This was our first sleepover with this bedroom mostly renovated, so it was quite exciting. Or as my niece said, “This is very special.”

For ten incredibly peaceful minutes while B. was napping, S. quietly read books while we listened to classical music. Just about the time I sat down, she was over it so we made cookies.

For ten incredibly peaceful minutes while B. was napping, S. quietly read books while we listened to classical music. Just about the time I sat down, she was over it so we made cookies.

Slumber parties are so much fun, but boy they can tucker you out something fierce. Worth it!

Slumber parties are so much fun, but boy they can tucker you out something fierce. Worth it!


What the foc?

While we still have pockets of sunshine coming through, we’re making the slow march into the cold and rainy season here in Oregon. Which means soup season is here as well. I already have several glass containers full of stews to thaw out on days when we feel too lazy to stand around the stove. If you give a girl a bowl of soup, you’d better hand her some bread to dip in it as well.

This focaccia is honestly the most delicious and incredibly easy accompaniment to any meal. It mixes together in about five minutes, sits in the fridge for a day or two until you’re ready to bake it, and then freezes beautifully if you have any leftovers. And no kneading!

Be sure to use good quality olive oil and flour. My favorite flours are King Arthur or Bob’s Redmill, which is based out of our local area. It’s important that the sea salt you sprinkle on top is large and flaky to give it that crunch that it needs. Too fine and it will just taste salty. If you have a salt grinder, unscrew it to its loosest setting (just be sure to tighten it back up!) or pick up a small jar of flaky sea salt at the store.

Books to borrow

Here are a few books that I’ve recently read that I’d highly recommend. These are likely in circulation in your local public library — save yourself a few dollars and some time by setting up an online account through your neighborhood branch so you can place holds for books in your pajamas at home!

Wealth and power gained and lost in just a few generations. In the words of the Countess, “Money can’t buy you class.”

I nabbed this on Amazon First Reads a while back, but would have happily paid for it. Let me know if you have a Kindle and would like to borrow it.

This book was such a gift to read that I rushed it back to the library as to not stop someone else from devouring it. Beautifully written and heartbreakingly honest.

Thanks for checking in this week! I’d love to hear from you. How are you doing?

With love,

My favorite day of the week

We really know how to do Sundays around here. Despite our best efforts to sleep in, we usually wake up early and are sipping coffee by 7. On goes the electric fireplace and a nature documentary, and we snuggle with the doggies on the couch. When the weather is nice out, we sit on the back porch while Barkley chases butterflies. As you can probably imagine, it’s my favorite day of the week.

Please note that we have moved on to watching Crocodile Dundee, which is practically a nature documentary if you ask me.

Please note that we have moved on to watching Crocodile Dundee, which is practically a nature documentary if you ask me.

Terry the terrarium

Meet Terry

I stopped by my favorite local shop last week to buy myself a little happy during kind of a cruddy week. It's an apothecary called Milwaukie Mercantile and they sell the best chapstick along with herbs, soaps, and plants. This is the place where my fun money budget goes to die. They had an adorable terrarium there, but I was a babe with an already full basket. I already have plenty of succulents to kill at home, so I decided that I could make it myself. 

Next up was a quick run through the aisles of my corner Salvation Army. The pricing there absolutely kills me sometimes. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I picked up a glass bowl there for about $6 and two packages of rocks from the Dollar Tree next door. $8 for this beauty! Not bad. I'm trying to find a dinosaur or some other little creature to add to the mix for some flair. What do you think?


Barkley’s Birthday

Sweet, sweet Barkley turns two this week!

This poor guy is battling a little bit of an eye infection, but worry not: he gets the good treats after his twice daily eye meds. 

This is my one of my favorite pictures of these two guys right after we first got Barks. Thor was a wee bit apprehensive — can you spot him?! — but you’d never know it now. They’re best buds!


Breath of Joy

I wasn't sure if I should laugh or run out the door when my yoga teacher Elaine decided to share the breath of joy with us for the first time. She was kind of flinging her arms around and making weird sounds, and good gracious I'm a little granola but deep down inside I'm still a Midwesterner. 

I decided to go along with the rest of the class, and either the sheer silliness of how we all felt or the extra oxygen entering our bloodstreams made us all feel joyful. 

This is a great thing to do when you need a pick-me-up in the afternoon. I usually do this five times in a row and then stand still for 20 or 30 seconds before going about my day. 

Let me know what you think if you decide to try it. Videos encouraged! 

Thanks for making it this far! I’d love to hear from you. How are you doing?

Is it weird to throw a birthday party for a dog? Asking for a friend.

With love,