How does your garden grow?

I've killed every green thing that's come my way for years. Over watering, no watering. Do I have some deep-seeded (see what I did there?) emotional problems?

When I was a junior in college, I managed to keep a flower that my grandmother gave me alive for an entire school year. I watered it lovingly and dutifully, and it thrived. But I didn't realize that I'd left it in my bedroom window at my sorority house until I was already home for the summer, and I didn't think it was worth making the six hour roundtrip to rescue a plant. 

I've done the impossible: kill succulents. Houseplants labeled low maintenance have died from merely being in my presence. 

My husband made me some beautiful raised garden beds the first summer after we bought our home. Things started out well, but then all of my tomatoes split and my cucumbers turned a strange shade of yellow. Slugs and bugs invaded and my houseplants gave up the ghost. I let the beds become weed farms. 

Then last summer while at the farmers market, I found myself drawn to a fig plant. I brought it home and a few short weeks later, it was struggling a little bit. My husband, bless him, suggested that I set an alarm on my phone to remember to water stuff. So naturally I rolled my eyes at him, but then set an alarm on my phone later. The fig, a lemon tree, and the newly acquired houseplants survived the winter so I decided it was time to try to give the garden a go again.

I'm so glad that I did! We're in the throes of summer and my garden is looking mighty good this year if I do say so myself. I water my garden twice a week when my alarm goes off. The cucumbers are taking over the space like the gosh darned blob. We've even had five toppings heavy salads from the lettuce I've lovingly tended!

I started some seeds yesterday for fall harvest. I labeled them (better than previous attempts) and even included the approximate harvest dates. I'm feeling a little Martha Stewart meets Little House at the moment! 

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I planted more mesclun lettuce, some marigolds to help keep critters away, and beets. Now I just need to convince my husband to build me a few more raised garden beds!

What's your best gardening tip?