Finding our Goldilocks camper

Nearly three years ago — much to the shock of anyone who knows me, let alone myself — we purchased our first camper. We took it on many adventures, including an epic trip to the Redwoods and an adventure to Petaluma, San Francisco, and Pinnacles National Park. It was a great camper for a while, but it was tiny and not super well laid out. The walls started closing in on us, and we sold it to a lovely empty nester couple earlier this year after we purchased Dale.

C. kind of accidentally on purpose purchased a vintage camper during an auction. We drove to Wyoming to pick up Dale in the middle of February. It was going to be a great project and would make a beautiful camper with an open layout and great lighting, but it’s going to be so much work. With C.’s job change earlier this year and wanting to have a life, we made the decision to sell it.

Dale, the vintage Red Dale camper

Dale, the vintage Red Dale camper

But we really enjoy camping. Yes, even me too. So we did a lot of brainstorming about what we want in our next camper. C. wanted something that we can take dry camping/boondocking in the middle of nowhere. I wanted something that was less work and less stress. Because if you’ve ever had a travel trailer, you’ll probably get this shirt.


So we settled on buying a used, small-ish motorhome. Used because we can afford it. A motorhome because it will (hopefully) be less stress to park and drive. Something big enough that we can keep jackets and blankets and other things in it so it’s less work to go camping and less to put away when we get home.

After a lot of searching, we found one that was in seemingly good shape and a reasonable price.

Meet Fleetwood Mac

She’s a beaut, but she’s used. We’ve had a few small leaks, replaced a battery, and a few other issues, but I think she’ll do the job just fine. We’ve taken her out camping two times so far. One night at a state park and two nights dry camping without electrical or water hookups.

We’ve made a few changes and plan to make a few more.


But that face? Worth it.

Check back for more of our adventures in Fleetwood Mac!