Della, the vintage camper, update

This camper has so many windows and let's in so much light. If you've ever been stuck inside a camper when the weather is gross, you know that the walls kind of start to close in on you. We go camping year round, so it will be nice to be able to enjoy natural light even when we're experiencing a yucky Oregon winter day.

She's coming along, that Della girl. We, and by that I mean my husband, have been hard at work trying to pretty her up. Because she was originally a BLM fire command center, she only had a twin bed and no bathroom. My handsome hubby has torn apart the back half, which will be our bedroom, and is in the process of adding a bathroom. 


Look at those cowboy curtains!


The top left photo is what will be the shower and toilet room. We found an accordion door with a frosted window and we plan to do a film glass window cutout on the other wall to let in additional light. Across from the bathroom, the second photo, is where the sink will go over the wheel well. This camper will be well insulated (the white foam board), which should make it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter — and quieter all year round. 

This will be a long-term project that will take many months if not a year or more to get her completely renovated. We don't want to wait that long to go camping, though, so our plan for the moment is to get the back half with the bedroom and bathroom habitable and then work our way up to the kitchen and living room. 

Della, the vintage camper, renovation update | Red Dale | sunshine shed | Making Stuff Mondays

Last weekend, my hubby was hard at work on the roof to remove an old skylight, put in a new one, and replace a current one with something called a fantastic fan that will help keep the camper cool. The best part is the fan is programmable and has a rain sensor that will make it close automatically in case of inclement weather. Neato! 

Have you renovated a vintage camper? I would love to hear your stories and tips in the comments!