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When I read an especially good article, I always save it down to my notes to look at again later.

How to save a website to your notes to view it later. This is an easy DIY tutorial for saving websites to Notes for iPhone users.

Here are five posts that I read this past week that I thought you might enjoy.

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What poverty taught me about being too generous

What poverty taught me about being “too generous”

by Kristine Levine

A Q&A with the 'Crazy Rich Asians' Costume Designer

A Q&A with the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ costume designer

by Elizabeth Holmes

Polarization is everywhere. But it’s being challenged in Poland by a handful of magazines across the political spectrum. They’ve begun sharing articles, to show readers a variety of viewpoints.

The magazines publishing one another’s work to fight political polarization

by Tina Rosenberg

Instagram's sneakiness makes SB ads look quaint

Instagram’s sneakiness makes Super Bowl ads look quaint

by Sheila Marikar

Recipe I'm trying this week

Recipe I’m trying this week

Red lentil soup with lemon by Melissa Clark