Rebeccah Bufford

Like many kids, my favorite word growing up was why. That sense of curiosity and questioning — and my childhood obsession with tater tots — just never went away. I think it’s why I was drawn to working in communications. I like figuring things out and then telling everyone else about it.

Ten plus years ago, I packed up after college and moved to Washington, DC to work for a hospitality team managing a Fortune 100 company’s corporate training center. I spent the next six years learning how to be a one woman marketing shop, and eventually dipped my toes in employee relations. During this time, I also lived in six different apartments with 16 different roommates which taught me so much about how to get along with others and the importance of communicating about tortilla chips ownership. It was all a lot more fun than it sounds.

I spent most of my 20s wandering around with a coffee in hand, so it only made sense that I met my husband at a coffee shop (via online dating) one beautiful fall day. I quickly fell in love with him and his sweet Thor, and a short 10 months later we eloped at the courthouse.

In the next few weeks, I started grad school full time and we moved across the country to Portland, Oregon to be near family. Since then, we purchased a home and added another four legged family member to the mix.

Nowadays, when I’m not helping small business and nonprofits with their marketing and communications needs, I enjoy gardening, reading, creative writing, volunteering, and traveling with my husband and our two dogs.

Thanks for following along! —Rebeccah